The Blue Recluse – 2 year anniversary

The Blue Recluse

My good friend, and co-host of The Blue Recluse, Thom Knight recently wrote a blog post about his experience with making a podcast.

I’m not going to do the same, at least not for the moment, but might do something for our 100th episode which is only a few weeks away.

But I suggest you go read it. I share a lot of the same feelings as him. You can find the post right over here –>

The Division – What I Would’ve Done

The Division

Cover based shooters. Love them! RPG elements. Love it. Loot based progression. Hell yes! The Division looks like a sure hit. Right?

How can it be that, with a close to flawless launch, a solid engine where everything just works, and the gameplay is fun, that the game feels a little bit lacking?

Well, here’s my 5 cent and what I would have done:
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Destiny: The Taken King – Why I Didn’t Buy it


I quite enjoyed Destiny the original game. Which is also why I was so pissed off at it when it did not deliver. Because the game got potential. As a first person shooter it works really.

Normally I stay far away from first person shooters on the console. Those type of games is usually something where I prefer a mouse and a keyboard. But Destiny made it work and made me reconsider playing first person shooters with a controller.

But regardless of that. The main game had its flaws. Part one of why I didn’t buy The Taken King starts there.

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Life is Strange – Disappointing Ending to a Brilliant Journey

Life is Strange

First of all. Let me be clear. This post will contain spoilers! If you have not played the last episode of Life i Strange and want to be unspoiled, then this post is probably not for you. I will also spoil the ending to the movie ‘The Butterfly Effect’ – both Theatrical-version and Director’s cut-version.

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